A bit of history …

In 1954, Léonide and Ritha Pilon decided to build a golf course. They then contacted Albert Murray, golf course architect, whose numerous realisations include the Laval-sur-le-Lac golf course.

In 1971, Luc, Alain and Jean-Denis Pilon, the three sons, took over their parents’ business. They all worked hard in order to guarantee the company’s success.

In 1978, encouraged by their success, the Pilon brothers purchased adjacent land and reconfigured entirely the golf course to offer their growing customer base a more modern, more spacious and more adapted twenty-seven-hole golf course.

In 1980, they purchased a second golf course, the « Soulanges » golf course, established in Saint-Polycarpe eleven years earlier, an eighteen-hole course in excellent condition with a different style complementary to the Saint-Zotique course.

In 1985, they purchased the Rivière-Beaudette golf course.  This outstanding site offered many opportunities for future development. This nine-hole course, inactive for a while, reopened.



In 1994, the golf course was reconfigured, maximizing the natural qualities of the site to give a different challenge than the two other golf courses.

In 1985, the Saint-Zotique and Soulanges golf courses hosted a notorious professional golf challenge, the « Défi La Sauvegarde » which, for seven years, attracted the amateurs and all the media attention. This tournament hosted Quebec’s top professionals such as Jean-Louis Lamarre, Daniel Talbot, Phil Giroux, Adrien Bigras, Carlo Blanchard, Rémi Bouchard, Serge Thivierge, Raymond Richer, Yvan Bauchemin and Jack Bissegger.

In order to better promote the three golf courses joint venture, the business gives itself a new advertising designation know today as:

« Les clubs de golf Banlieue Ouest »

In 2000, Daniel Pilon, Alain’s son, became shareholder.  He actively participated in the three golf courses’ management. Jean-Denis retired in 2008 and sold his shares to Alain and Daniel. Daniel then became director general.

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